Changing Course is the right book at the right time.  As millions of Boomers are plotting the next acts of their lives, it is indeed fortunate that this invaluable guide comes along just when we need it.”
—James O’Toole, author of Creating the Good Life and Leading Change

“Grab this book if you are thinking about the second half of life.  You will be richly rewarded with heartwarming stories and practical advice from two seasoned wise men.”
—John R. O’Neil, President, Center for Leadership Renewal, and author of Paradox of Success

Changing Course combines practical and theoretical wisdom with inspiring, illustrative stories of third-agers who are making the most of their post-midlife “bonus” years.  The authors supply valuable concrete suggestions for third-age life planning to help readers follow suit.  Committed readers will not only discover many gems but also find themselves on the path to a more vital, fulfilling third age.”
—Margaret L. Newhouse, Ph.D., Founding President, The Life Planning Network, and co-author of Life Planning for the Third Age

“As Boomers move into uncharted territory, many find themselves face to face with the question: What next?  These pioneers are crossing into the frontier of an entirely new stage of life opening up between midlife and old age, “The Third Age.”  These travelers have few role models, and the available pathways are poorly marked.  Yet in the face of this challenging landscape they now have a book, Changing Course, which can help them find new fulfillment to accompany the great gift of longevity.  Filled with insight, beautifully written, and anchored in careful research, the authors have written a book that is useful both for individuals and as a roadmap for making the most of our aging society.”
—Marc Freedman, Founder, Civic Ventures, and author of Encore: Finding Work that Matters in the Second Half of Life

Changing Course is a wonderful book, filled with insights and lessons for navigating life after fifty.  Based on solid research and compellingly written, it is a reliable guide to positive aging.”
—Harry R. Moody, Ph.D., Senior Associate, International Longevity Center at Stanford University and former Board Chairman, Elderhostel

“Aimed at a well-educated audience, this thoughtful guide avoids simplifying the complex process of midlife change.  The concept of designing a portfolio for your “pro-retirement” is perfect for baby boomers who have no plans to fade into the sunset.”
—Priscilla Grant, former managing editor, Vogue

“This book is both wise and readable, a rare combination.  It reminds us of the great gift of longer life and the gnawing question: how can we best use these bonus years?  The book offers two important kinds of material to help us: first, six principles of growth and renewal, and second, people tell us in their own words different ways they have found self-fulfillment after fifty.  If you are near fifty, don’t wait to read Changing Course.  If you are long past fifty, as I am, read it anyway—it’s not too late.”
—Robert L. Kahn, co-author of Successful Aging

Changing Course is a superb read, intelligent and provocative.  The authors effectively balance ideas and theory with examples and concrete applications.  I believe the already inquisitive and active members of lifelong learning institutes who are re-thinking and planning their third and even fourth ages will benefit greatly from reading this book.”
—E. Michael Brady, Professor of Adult Education and Senior Research Fellow, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, University of Southern Maine

“This thorough, enlightened, useful book will help you navigate your own course changes after fifty.  Filled with insight and real-life examples, the authors integrate research and results about retirement, aging, continuing to work, planning, and building a fulfilling life portfolio.  Whether you are approaching fifty, or it’s already behind you, Changing Course gives you practical possibilities you can apply and use for years to come.”
—George H. Schofield, Ph.D., author of After 50 It’s Up To Us

Changing Course is a very important guide to the third age.  The authors’ innovative work has combined vital new concepts with practical help for those who are navigating the turbulent waters of change during this potentially thrilling time of life.”
—Peter Brill, M.D., Founder, The Third Age Foundation

“For many people Changing Course will redefine life after fifty.  It describes the many positive choices we can all look forward to and how these choices should guide pre- and post-retirement behavior.”
—William C. Byham, Ph.D., Chairman & CEO, Development Dimensions International, Inc., and author of 70: The New 50: Retirement Management: Retaining the Energy and Expertise of Experienced Employees

Changing Course is a valuable resource for boomers transitioning from well-defined productive years to unstructured retirement years.  This book is about creatively designing your life in the “middle years,” where fifty is the new forty or younger.  This reality, along with the dramatic expansion of life expectancy, presents challenges for society and individuals for whom there are no role models.  Changing Course is a necessary and valuable contribution to meeting these challenges.  It is well written, the research is solid, and the language is clear—an easy, flowing read.  The lessons are conveyed by personal success stories of how different people of vastly varied backgrounds and experiences applied six principles in creating a “successful third age.” Changing Course is an indispensable aid in making one’s life ‘A Story Worth Telling.’”
—Bill Shirley, Executive Coach and Consultant.



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