“The best book on retirement I have read (and I’ve read just about everyone out there).”—Maurine Patten, St. Charles, IL

“All too often I find that a book’s preface says it all, and the rest is littered with padding. Changing Course is one of the few where my attention waxed rather than waned as I read.”—Larry Hurst, New York, NY

“I greatly enjoyed reading Changing Course, and now I want my husband to read it.”—Mary Costa, Bakersfield, CA

Changing Course is an indispensable aid in making your life a ‘Story Worth Telling.’” —Bill Shirley, Carbondale, CO

"Changing Course is essential reading for the reflective person who understands there is a moral responsiblity to grow and remain productive over the 30 years following the traditional work-then-retire phase of life.  This responibility is owed to society, family and self.  Changing Course provides the analytical tools, principles and case histories for the development of each individual's unique plan for the future." —Paul Belitz, Greenwood Village, CO.

“After just the first six pages of the introduction, I found I had four pages of notes of ideas I didn't want to forget. It's a great resource for your "get up and go" to get up and get going.”Ely Zimmerman, Beverly Hills, CA

“Inspiring and to the point, Changing Course reflects my experiences as a Boomer, while also presenting fresh perspectives that challenge my habitual ways of thinking.  This book is highly applicable—with my clients and in my own life. Thank you for this guide!”Natalie S. Eldridge, Ph.D., Boston, MA

Changing Course is like no other book on ‘the rest of your life’ that I have read.  This terrific book is for us regular folks who want to make major changes in our later years to bring about personal fulfillment.”Dianne Nelson, Golden, CO

"Third age maturity brings a new set of paradoxes with it, and Changing Course has both enlightened and enabled me to participate in their incredible fullness—many thanks for such a gift!"Billy Idol, Coromandel, New Zealand

Changing Course is a great place to start as you embark on a reassessment at mid-life.  It opens new possibilities for thinking and acting—and a truly exciting future ahead!” Deb Abel, Menlo Park, CA

"Changing Course gives us courage and hope for our future life in America."—Donka & Stoyan Kapralov, Gabrovo, Bulgaria

“I commend Changing Course to anyone interested in properly preparing for a happy, contented, fulfilling third age.”—Alan Greig, Brisbane, Australia

Changing Course rings true to my own experiences as a Third Ager!  As a mature woman of seventy who is integrating an active work and life portfolio with time for spirituality and reflection, the book both reaffirms my choices so far and further challenges me to live life to the fullest, no matter what my age!”—Nancy Cosgriff, Marine on St. Croix, MN

Changing Course will broaden your perspective on your ‘retirement’ years and help you see how much more there can be to your life story.”—Patrick Furlong, Clovis, CA

Changing Course is a roadmap that is helping me navigate this uncharted area of my retirement.  It is well written with examples that keep you involved. I am recommending to all my colleagues.”—Les Rosenbloom, Keuka Lake, NY

“Sadler and Krefft have given us a readable book filled with wisdom and guidance for a fulfilling third age.  It's a "gem" of a book for all preparing for or already navigating the third age of life.  I have recommended it to coaches and clients, both of whom have found it insightful and helpful.” —Dori Mintzer, Brookline, MA

“Wow!  I have a half century of living behind me!  Now I want to take what I've learned in the first half and make my second half even better.  Changing Course provides the wisdom and inspiration to begin this exciting journey.”—Craig Arfsten, Littleton, CO

“I love Changing Course! It speaks to me, especially the idea of ‘letting go.’” —Jean Stahl, Avondale, AZ

“I can’t put the book down. I’m going to recommend it to all my Baby Boomer friends.”—Les Mansfield, Brantford, Ontario




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